GOMEAT – meat snacks

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About This Project

GoMeat / GoTravel
Take it on the road! Healthy product!
High protein 100% natural product

GoMeat / GoTravel

High quality healthy food
– Made from 100% meat
– Contains a large amount of protein
– Natural composition: free of phosphates, dyes, glutamate and gluten
Classic – 100% pork with a bright meat flavor
Chorizo ​​- 100% pork with chili
Jalapeno – 100% pork with jalapeno pepper
Turkey – 100% poultry with herbs

Production: Own production of meat products in the Moscow region:
Equipment: The latest equipment from Europe (Poland and Germany)
Products: Meat product of category A – more than 85% of natural meat
Certificates: Confirmed standard of quality and safety of production and products
Quality control: High requirements for raw materials and strict control of finished products.

Our advantages

– compact and lightweight
-nourishing and nutritious
– natural composition
– no need to refrigerate

– for a walk or workout
– to work or school
– for nature or picnic
– to visit or home

Gomeaters’ profile
Leads a healthy lifestyle
He is attentive to the choice of products, tries to eat balanced and only natural, healthy and tasty products
Playing sports
High-protein snacks can help you recover faster and maintain muscle mass
Loves to travel
Prefers impressions and does not always have time to eat well, but does not refuse a tasty and healthy snack
Studies and works
There is not enough time to take care of food and prepare something in advance, but you can take a couple of packs of sausages with you

– Industrial complex with an area of ​​2500 m2
– Production capacity of 200 tons of finished products per month, there are opportunities to increase monthly production volumes
– Modern equipment from Europe for the production of cooked-smoked, uncooked smoked and dry-cured delicacies
– Qualified personnel with long-term experience in meat processing and knowledge of European technologies
– Quality certificates
– Well-established work processes
– Compliance with all anti-covid recommendations