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About company


Vadim Shlykov

General Manager
The slogan of our company says: “Traditions are parents of the taste”. We supply unique selected highest quality drinks from age-old traditions producers that always guaranty strict quality management of both raw materials and final products.
Xianyu Trading (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. (XTS) – it’s a trading company specializes in import and distribution of wines and spirits in China.
XTS is 100% foreign ownership company (WFOE) registered on February 05, 2010 year in the Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone of Shanghai city, China.
Smart Apple Trading (Shanghai) Limited registered in Hong Kong, S.A.R. China on March 07, 2007 is a sole shareholder of XTS.
The declared and paid capital of XTS id 140.000 USD.


We have all the necessary licenses

for import and distribution

of alcohol beverages and food in China.


Our partners are companies with a long tradition and the highest

quality control of raw material and the finished product.

  • «Baikal» vodka

    Russia. Founded on 1998

  • Noy (Ararat Yerevan Brandy-Wine-Vodka Factory)

    Armenia. Founded on 1877.


    Russian craft brewery. Founded on 2008

  • Vedi-Alco Winery

    Armenia. Founded on 1954.

  • Arzni Spring Water

    Armenia. Founded on 1925.

  • Rigensis Kir Wine Cocktails

    Latvia. Founded on 2016

  • Fanagoria Winery

    Russia. Founded on 1957.

  • Bermudez Rum Distillery

    Founded on 1852.